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Let’s talk about ingrown toenails!

Ingrowing toenails... most people have heard of them some people will have suffered with them. If you have ever had an ingrowing toenail you will know that they are painful, messy and sometimes infected.

They can stop you from wearing your favourite shoes, they can prevent you from taking part in activities that you love, and they can be a complete pain in the backside for the sufferer! However, podiatrists LOVE THEM. We can cure them, for good! As podiatrists are licensed to administer local anaesthetic injections, this means we can perform Nail Surgery painlessly which provides a permanent cure.

Nail surgery can sound very scary especially if you have heard tales of toenails being “ripped out”! I promise you this doesn’t happen. It is a very straight forward procedure where just a small section of the toenail is removed, then a caustic chemical is applied to the nail root to stop that small section of nail ever growing again. The rest of your nail will continue to grow normally.

When people first get an ingrowing toenail, they usually go to their GP who will probably prescribe them some antibiotics. This will help with any skin infection that is present secondary to the nail having cut into the skin, they will not however remove the offending piece of nail from the toe. Until the nail that is cutting into the side of the toe is removed it is very unlikely to get completely better with just antibiotics.

I have found over the years that people will put up with an ingrowing toenail until it has really got quite bad. I think this is because they feel self-conscious about showing someone how bad it has got, or it can be because they are worried that any treatment will be painful. For Podiatrists they are a straightforward and rewarding treatment, we have a high level of expertise and we see a lot of them.

Left untreated spreading ingrowing toenail infections can be very dangerous and lead to complications such as Osteomyelitis (bone infection) or Sepsis. So, if you have an ingrowing toenail let your Podiatrist see it. We can help, we can cure it, we can prevent any complications.

You will be back in your favourite shoes and doing the thing you love in no time at all!

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