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Injury Rehab


Injury can arise in our feet through activity, inappropriate footwear or it can occur for seemingly no reason whatsoever! Generally, there is increased muscular loading or a repetitive action that causes strain to an area and becomes painful. These injuries usually affect the soft tissue of muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves or ligaments in your feet. Weakness in a particular muscle group can also lead to compensation of another ... so it's important we get to the bottom of WHY you are in pain. 


How Can We Help?

As podiatrists we have extensive, specialised knowledge of the foot and lower limb. We will assess your foot problem from a seated position, standing and then analyse you while you walk. We may then perform some more extensive tests so we have a clear view of  WHY you might be suffering with foot pain. From here we will work with you to create a treatment plan.  This is can include bespoke orthoses for your foot wear, footwear advice, personalised exercise rehab plan. In addition to this we will use hands on mobilisation and manipulation techniques along side strapping and taping of certain structures. 

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