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Nail Surgery 


On your initial consultation we take a full medical history in order to be sure that nail surgery is the most suitable solution to your ingrowing toenail. We give a local anaesthetic at the base of the toe. This will make the whole of the toe insensitive to pain. Please note it is not necessary to fast before this procedure.

Next we remove part or the whole of the nail that is causing the problem. We then apply a chemical to the nail bed area to destroy the nail producing cells.

Finally, we apply a dressing to the wound, advise you how to care for the wound at home and arrange a redressing appointment.


Will the procedure be painful?

The local anaesthetic in the toe will prevent any painful sensations during the procedure. The local anaesthetic lasts for 2-3 hours and as it wears off the toe may feel a little uncomfortable. It may then be necessary for you to take a mild painkiller such as a paracetamol or your usual pain relief.

Will it bleed?

There is not usually any significant bleeding following these procedures, though it is normal for the first few dressings to be slightly stained. This is due to the chemical burn produced during the procedure and is quite normal. During the healing process it is important to avoid injury to the toe and not to wear tight shoes as this can cause bleeding.


Can I drive after surgery?

It is not advisable to drive until the effects of the anaesthetic have completely worn off.

Do I need to rest?

It is advisable to rest for the day of the operation but you should normally be alright to return to work or school the following day provided any sporting activity is avoided until the toe is fully healed.

What shoes should I wear?

On the day of the surgery wear a loose fitting slipper or open toed sandal or flipflop.

During the healing process do not wear any tight footwear or pointed toe shoes. Loose fitting shoes, trainers, sandals or flipflops are best.

How long will it take to heal?

This varies according to each individual. Keeping it clean, dry, and dressed and trauma free is very important.

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