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Fungal Nails and Skin.


Yellow crumbling toenails? Red itchy skin? Unsure if you have a fungal infection? We can help diagnose and treat fungal infections.


Fungal nail infections are common. It causes visual changes to the nail such as colour, thickness and can they can become more brittle. Sometimes it can cause mal odour.


The Fungi that cause these infections is called Dermatophytes. There are many different stains and they generally live harmlessly on the skin. Dark, warm and moist environments (like inside our shoes!) are the perfect environment for dermatophytes to multiply


Before Treatment 

After Treatment 

 At LR  employ two main treatment modalities with excellent clinical outcomes. 

  • Treating conservatively with antimicrobials and antifungals (which generally mean us leasing with your GP), and monitoring the progress whilst having the bulk of the infected nail/s cut back periodically (every six to eight weeks) where loose.

  • Painless removal of the infected nail to expose the nail bed where the infection resides, and over a period of time as the nail grows back, topical antimicrobials and antifungals are applied to the nail bed daily with the expectation that a healthy new nail will regrow.

Read about the available treatments in the articles below

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