Ingrown toenails can range from being merely uncomfortable to being painful and infected. Toenail problems are amongst the most common reasons for people seeking the assistance of a podiatrist, because they’re impossible to ignore and they can’t be resolved without professional help.


It happens when the side of your nail cuts into the surrounding skin. Mostly affecting the big toes but can happen to other toes as well. The skin becomes inflamed and infected which can be very painful.There are many different causes for ingrown toenails, including poor nail cutting technique, narrow fitting shoes, or injury. Sometimes it’s simply a case of genetics if you have nails with naturally curved edges. 

 At LR Podiatry we have a few treatment options to resolve your ingrown toenail problem. You can come for regular appointments to keep on to of the nail growth and prevent any possible infections or flare ups. However, the best solution is nail surgery as this procedure provides a permanent cure. 

We perform two types of surgery: a partial nail avulsion, where we remove one or both sides of the affected nail, or a total nail avulsion, where the entire nail is removed. The area is numbed throughout the procedure using local anaesthetic that blocks the nerve endings, so you don’t feel any pain. Once the nail has been removed we use a chemical  called phenol to destroy the cells, preventing regrowth. 

We dress the nail so you can go home, and arrange for follow-up appointments and re-dressings and checks. 

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