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Orthotic Prescription. 


Treatment for Musculoskeletal issues often involves the use of orthotics to realign, cushion or offload. This alteration, although made to the position of the foot, can affect the whole of the lower limb, pelvis and back. Therefore, improving the whole body’s posture and ability to function. We  can supply the correct orthotic for your needs after assessment.


What Do We Use?

We are proud to supply ‘Formthotics’ a leading brand in Orthotic care. These orthotics are comfortable, reliable and fitting takes just one visit! Formthotics are made of Formax™ foam with no hard plastic parts. They adapt and move with your body, comfortably supporting every movement of your activity. Formthotics  can be fitted immediately after your first consultation. Measurements do not need to be sent away to another organisation to produce laboratory-made custom orthotics, which is most often costly. We can quickly and easily make you comfortable in Formthotics in our clinic. Have the confidence that you are helping treat your pain in the fastest way - come in for a consultation to see if Formthotics are right for you.

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