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Why the course of antibiotics you took didn’t get rid of your ingrown toenail

Swollen, painful and the more you poke them, the worse they get. Ingrowing toenails are annoying, they stop you from wearing your favourite shoes and from doing some of the things you love to do most. They can take your breath away when you catch them on a pesky piece of furniture and even hurt when the bed sheets brush over them at night.

For many, when they have developed an infected ingrown toenail, booking an appointment at their GP is the first step. Yes, this is an excellent idea. Your GP will be able to prescribe you with antibiotics which will hopefully clear the infection and make that throbbing toe feel much better. There is however, one small problem. The antibiotics will only help to clear the infection and not resolve the root of the problem which is the nail that is digging in. Meaning that it is extremely likely the infection will come back.

There are four main ways that’s the nail can dig into the toe, these are –


Generally, this happens after trimming. A ‘spike’ of nail can be left at the corners and it causes sores by piercing the skin. It is sometimes hard to tell if there is a spike of nail left over, especially is the skin at the sides of the nail is swollen.


This is when the natural shape of the nail is an upside down ‘U’ shape. It causes severe pressure at the sides of the nail and digs into the skin. This type of ingrown toenail can be very easily aggravated and intensified by narrow, poor fitting shoes.


This is due to having a wide nail plate and puffed up skin at the skin folds. This type of ingrowing toenail if very easily irritated by footwear and trauma related injuries.


This kind of ingrown toenail is caused when there is any involution of the nail. This can be natural involution, which we spoke of before. Or involution that has been caused by deformity of the foot or nail. Hard skin will build up at the corners and underneath the nail because if the nail rubbing into the skin.

A podiatrist can easily get you out of pain and ingrown toenail free. There is even a permeant cure which would mean never having to go to your GP and be prescribed antibiotics for your painful toes again! An HCPC podiatrist can administer local aesthetic which makes the whole procedure pain free!

So, dig out those shoes you have been putting off wearing and get ready to enjoy the things you love again. Life without infected ingrown toenail is a much happier one!

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