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From Rough to Radiant: Callous Care 101

Foot calluses are thickened, hardened areas of skin that develop due to repeated friction, pressure, or irritation on a particular area of the foot. They are often caused by:

  1. Poorly fitting shoes: Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause friction and pressure on the skin, leading to calluses.

  2. Foot Function: Sometimes the way we walk or the activities we do can be the reason you might be experiencing some foot callus.

  3. Abnormal foot structure: If you have bony prominences on your feet, you may be more prone to developing calluses.

  4. Age: As we age, our skin becomes less elastic and more prone to developing calluses.

To prevent foot calluses, it is important to wear properly fitting shoes, cushion your feet with soft insoles or padding, and maintain good foot hygiene by keeping your feet clean and moisturised. If you already have calluses, you can try using a pumice stone or foot file to gently remove the thickened skin, and then moisturize the area regularly to keep the skin soft and supple. If the calluses are painful or continue to worsen, it is important to seek medical advice from on of our podiatrists.

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