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Heel pain?

Heel pain first thing in the morning?

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury that affects the heel. It can cause severe pain in the heel for the first few steps out of bed in the morning or when standing up after sitting for long periods of time. Pain subsides while walking, however, returns after spending long periods of time on your feet. It can be caused by long hours on the feet especially in unsupportive shoes.

We can help with padding and strapping to soften the impact of walking, support the foot and reduce strain on the fascia. This may be followed by orthotic devices to correct possible underlying structural abnormalities. Most importantly, we will devise a strengthen and stretching rehab plan to help targe the inflammation.

Is your heel and lower leg hurting?

Your Achilles tendon is important part of your leg which is found behind and above your heel as it joins the heel bone to your calf muscles. This helps to bend your foot downwards at the ankle. The overuse of tendons, wearing inappropriate footwear during exercise, increased intensity of exercise and poor flexibility can result to injury in your Achilles tendon.

We can provide heel cups to wear in your shoes for cushioning and support, and a program of exercises for the strengthening of the injured tendons. We can assess your footwear advice and make modifications and possible orthoses to relieve strain on the Achilles tendon.


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