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Funny looking nail? Maybe it looks like one of these?

Weird shape and super thick?

This can be caused by damage to the nail matrix (where nail is formed and grows from). This can happen because of footwear, injury or activity. We can’t reverse the damage to the matrix, but we can help to keep them short and looking good and keep them for causing you any discomfort.

Pain in the corners of your nail?

If you are experiencing pain the corners but don’t have an ingrowing toenail, this could be because of hard skin trapped down the sides of your nail. This can be easily and painlessly removed by us and there will be no damage or change to your nail.

Ingrowing toenail?

Does this look familiar? An Ingrowing toenail is when the nail digs into the skin around it. It can be extremely painful and can even become infected. They can stop you from enjoying your favourite activities or even prevent you from doing everyday tasks. Maybe you have been to your GP and given antibiotics or even put on long waiting list for NHS podiatry care. Do not fear – ingrowing toenails are our specialty, and we can get you feeling better and even provide a permeant cure without the need for antibiotics.

This is called Paronychia, its similar to an ingrowing toenail apart from it happens at the base of the nail rather than the corners.

Is your nail Fungal?

Fungal nail infections are common. It causes visual changes to the nail such as colour, thickness and can they can become more brittle. Sometimes it can cause mal odour.

The Fungi that cause these infections is called Dermatophytes. There are many different stains and they generally live harmlessly on the skin. Dark, warm and moist environments (like inside our shoes!) are the perfect environment for dermatophytes to multiply


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