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corns and callous

What is corn and callous?

A corn is a cone shaped bundle of hard skin that develops over an area of high pressure. Corns can often become painful if not managed.

A callous is a diffuse layer of hard skin that is commonly found over a weight baring area of the foot.

The main causes of corns and calluses is excessive pressure from wearing footwear which rubs the foot. You can also get them if you are involved in high levels of activity, corns and calluses develop due to the pressure caused during movement. The response from the skin is to harden which then form into either Corns or Calluses.

How can we help you?

If corns and calluses are left untreated the hard skin will continue to build up and become more painful. Additionally, if the source of the problem is not rectified, for example change of footwear. The corns and calluses may well return even after treatment.

A Podiatrist is the first port of of call for the treatment of corns and calluses. A scalpel is used to remove corns and calluses painlessly. The aim is to prevent any return by changing footwear and / or redistributing the pressure - your Podiatrist can prescribe orthotics which can help.


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