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Autumn is here

So, it seems that autumn has arrived.

At LR Podiatry one of the ways I notice the changes in the season is by the changes in patients foot ailments and the treatments we do and products we sell in clinic.

For example, during the summer months appointments are mainly foot maintenance, athletes foot, fungal nails, foot creams, nourishing nail oils and summer nail colours.

We know the seasons are changing when ingrowing toenails and corns become a problem again as our feet go back into closed toe shoes and boots ans warm wax treatments become much more popular again.

Of course, there are some foot ailments that we treat all year round. Our lifestyles and activities ply a part in this. So, at LR podiatry we are ready for anything at any time but seasonal changes do bring around clinic favourites.

Warm wax treatment is available all year round but definitely increases in popularity during the autumn and winter months. The treatment increases blood flow, tolerance of pain, relaxes muscles and it increases skin hydration. It moisturises and softens the skin and provides a soothing effect to sore and achy joints. It can also be really helpful if you suffer from chilblains. Warm wax is a lovely relaxing and soothing treatment that I think is most beneficial following a routine podiatry appointment.

So, as we look forward to beautiful autumn walks, trick or treating, bon fire night and dare I say mulled wine and a spot of Christmas shopping, lets do it all with lovely comfortable feet. Walk on air.



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