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I’m Louise Reaney the ‘LR’ in LR Podiatry! I am a podiatrist, business owner, Mum, wife and I get you!

After doing this job for many years, I am unshockable. If you have an ingrowing toenail that’s infected and agony, I can get it better. If you have a foot full of verrucae that stops you from getting your feet out, let me put your mind at ease. Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING to make your foot problem better but nothing seems to be working? I understand how frustrating this can be and how it can prevent you from enjoying simple things like time with your kids or activities you enjoy.

My 30+ years of experience and medical knowledge in podiatric medicine can help you. I can help to improve your quality of life with my clinical knowledge and the latest technologies. When I say I’m ‘unshockable’ - I mean it! I have seen 1000s of feet over the years and it's important to me that you don’t feel embarrassed about coming to see me.

Louise Reaney

about Louise.

LR Podiatry Chiropody

This is me and my dog, Freddie. He is a 14-year-old cockapoo who still loves to go for walk, play with his tennis ball and cuddle on the sofa. We enjoy lots of lovely walks together when I listen to an audiobook or a podcast. Some of my favorite podcasts are – this American life, anything true crime, and Wondery. I love to dance and attend weekly tap classes at Sheffield performing Arts. I am a very proud Mum of Emily and James. Emily is my practice manager and we love making funny dance videos together. James lives and works in London and I love it when he’s up for a visit. Along with my husband, Paul (whom you will see on our social media!!) we are a very close family and we are always laughing together. I am very partial to a Bacardi and diet coke on a Friday night and especially love enjoying one with my podiatry family after a conference or course.


If you want a safe space to get your foot problem treated, use the link below to book in.

about Emily.

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I’m Emily, Louise’s daughter and I am practice manager at LR Podiatry. I am also currently a podiatry student, studying at Huddersfield University.

I am passionate about finding the fun in life. Mum and I have such a laugh together at work and I want everyone else to experience that fun too. I really enjoy filming and video editing, which I have been able to learn while working for the clinic. Prior to choosing podiatry, I was a professional dancer for 10 years. My love of dance and movement is still going strong through our TikTok videos and social media. I live with my boyfriend; Andrew and we have a cockapoo puppy called Cooper who keeps us on our toes! I am really looking forwards to the last 2 years of my training and becoming a fully qualified podiatrist.

about Leo.

Leo LR Podiatry

I’m Leo and I am the newest member of the LR Podiatry team. Before qualifying as a podiatrist, I first completed a degree in molecular and cellular biology, and through this I found that my main interests are human health and disease. Wanting a career working more closely with people, with the aim to improve their health and quality of life I found a passion for podiatry. I have a keen appetite for knowledge, I am always looking to learn, I am currently studying for my master’s degree in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery. When I’m not busy at LR Podiatry or with study I love to draw and enjoy having a drink with my friends. I am looking forward to meeting all the lovely patients at LR Podiatry! 

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