Athletes Foot is common and can present as a red itchy scaly area on the foot or as a damp area between the toes. It can sometimes lead to further infections if left untreated. A Podiatrist can usually quickly diagnose a fungal infection and advise the best course of treatment

It is caused by a number of fungal species that you can pick up from someone else shedding affected skin (typically in communal areas such as pools, showers and changing rooms) or where you may walk around barefoot. Athlete’s foot can also be passed on directly from person to person contact, although people who sweat more are more prone to infection.

Once your feet have been contaminated, the warm, dark and sweaty environment of feet in shoes or trainers provides the ideal breeding ground for the fungus. 

Over the counter powders or creams can help with the infection continuing usually for 1-2 weeks after the infection has cleared. Lamisil or cream containing clotrimazole will treat the infection. Making sure that you are taking your shoes and socks off at home and properly drying them ofter showering. Changing your shoes and socks during the day will also help. If the infection persists seek medical advice as long-term treatment may be an option